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World War II Roundtable

The Audie Murphy Chapter of the World War II Roundtable hosts a talk with John A Pearce on his book "A Private In The Texas Army".

World War II Roundtable

On January 25th, John Pearce spoke at the World War II Roundtable at the Audie Murphy Museum in Greenville, Texas.

It was a a very special night and now GEUS Greenville has placed the video on Youtube. Two men, Ron Robinson and Skipper Steely, who were instrumental in getting me there, start the video and then my speech follows.

John also mentioned his recent health issue and his faith in Jesus Christ. Then a presentation on "The Mud, The Blood, The Beer: Italy 1943" concerning his book, "A Private in the Texas Army" follows.

It was a very first class event and hats off to the members of the World War II Roundtable, especially Skipper and Ron.

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