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Books by John Pearce

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A Private in the Texas Army: At War in Italy, France, and Germany with the 111th Engineers, 36th Division,
in World War II

Frank Webster Pearce, a soldier in the 36th Infantry Division and the 111th Engineer Combat Battalion, chronicled his experiences from training in the United States to the war’s end in Austria. His firsthand account provides a comprehensive look into the 111th Engineers and their battles against Hitler’s Germany, including the daily events and challenges faced by soldiers on the battlefield.

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Ever Remember The Days of 1913-14

Alma Caldwell's diary offers a teenager's perspective on life in 1913 and 1914. She writes about love, disappointment, and joy in a time when social life was changing. Her diary includes articles from two newspapers and a notebook of magazine clippings. It covers the summer of 1913, her junior year in high school, and the spring and early summer of 1914. In that era, silent movies and Model T Fords were popular, passenger train rides were common, and Chautauqua and Lyceum Courses were the heartbeat of American entertainment.

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Pride of the Blue and Gold

John’s book Pride of the Blue and Gold is available upon order at the Hopkins County Genealogical Society.  This book is published for sale by the library and every cent we receive for it is donated by John to the library.

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